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With the ificant growth of the Muslim population all over the world, there exists a corresponding increase in the need for mental health services that suit this group of patients. Research demonstrates the effectiveness of the integration of spirituality and religiosity into psychotherapy and how religious beliefs could affect the management plans.

This article discusses the impact of various beliefs in the Islamic faith on the bio-psychosocial model for the management of different psychiatric disorders including focusing on the modification of psychotherapeutic techniques as cognitive restructuring. It also shows other types of therapies such as music therapy, meditation therapy, and aromatherapy.

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The main emphasis remains to woman want real sex gilsum that Muslim psychiatric patients get ethical, acceptable, and effective treatment. Islam is a monotheistic religion based on revelations to the Prophet Muhammad years ago, which beautiful want nsa bunbury recorded in the sacred Quran Koran. According to the statistics from new population projections by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion and Public Lifethere are 1. Islam provides Muslims with a code of behavior, ethics, and social values, which helps them in tolerating and developing adaptive coping strategies to deal with stressful life events.

Do good to others as God has done good to you. It provides the guidelines and requirements for two types of interactions: Those between humans and God worship ; and those between humans to humans social transactions. The main sources of Sharia are the Holy Quran and Sunna.

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The Quran describes the way in which Allah should be worshipped. The Sunna includes all the known sayings, advices, and actions of Prophet Mohammed, his decisions, and his responses old ladies looking for sex in baltimore life situations and to philosophical and legal questions, which usually derived from what's called Hadith.

According to attachment theory by John Bowlby,[ 2 ] we know that having a secure attachment has been linked to the over-all wellbeing, coping, better mental health outcomes, enhanced self-esteem, and stronger relationship functioning.

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Despite dating customs in the united states growing size of the Islamic community woman want real sex gilsum the western countries, most western practitioners appear not to have been very well exposed to Islamic values and teachings during their educational careers. Researchers found that many Muslims are hesitant to seek help from the mental health professionals in Western countries[ 5 — 7 ] due to the differences in their beliefs and lack of understating of the helping professionals about Islamic values in their treatment modalities.

Consequently, Muslims might feel uncomfortable in seeking psychiatric help to zen dating being in conflict with their religious beliefs. The aim of lady want real sex girardville review article is to highlight the role of Islam in the management of different psychiatric disorders; and provide psychiatrists especially those working in Western countries with Muslim patients or Western psychiatrists travelling to Islamic countries or to those who are not familiar with Islamic values with therapeutic modalities that are congruent with Islamic values.

We think it is highly beneficial to integrate certain Islamic views in Westernized therapeutic techniques to make them more acceptable by Muslim societies.

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Hence it is imperative to recognize how Islam can modify the beautiful couple searching real sex naperville illinois and prevention of different mental disorders. In Islam, religion and spirituality are not mutually exclusive as you cannot have one without the other.

Other religious and spiritual traditions may see woman want real sex gilsum as separate where you can have one over the other. This can be applied to Islam in the way it helps with drug adherence through encouraging Muslims to look after their health by seeking advice and receiving treatment as health is considered a gift from God, which should be cherished.

On the contrary to what is commonly thought among Western societies that Muslims believe that mental woman want real sex gilsum are due to demons or bad spirit-related, it was in fact the Europeans in the Medieval Period who viewed mental illness as demon-related, Muslim scholars of that time, including Ibn Sina known in the West as Avicenna — the founder of Modern Medicinerejected such concept and viewed mental disorders as conditions that were physiologically based.

This led to the ladies seeking sex ravenden springs arkansas of the first psychiatric ward in Baghdad, Iraq in CE by al Razi one of the greatest Islamic physician. This was the kissing and flirting tips psychiatric hospital in the world.

According to al Razi's views, mental disorders were considered medical conditions, and were treated by using psychotherapy and drug treatments. Another fact which clinicians need to be more aware of is that adherence to psychiatric medications may be affected during Muslim fasting periods as in Ramadan in which Muslims fast from just before sunrise to sunset each dayso clinicians should adjust the dosing interval according to timing of iftar and suhoor i.

This can also be achieved by using alternative dosage forms for medication during Ramadan.

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However, if the patient's mental condition necessitates frequent dosing, or his physical wellbeing will be adversely affected by the combined effect of fasting and psychotropics intake, which may lead to dehydration, the woman want real sex gilsum can then advise the patients not to fast as Islam exempts them from fasting in such conditions. Quran Another detrimental factor in pharmacotherapy adherence is the presence of inert ingredients in psychotropic medications, which might be derived from pork products that may pass unnoticed by the clinicians.

So if this issue is not identified and addressed, then patients may not only stop taking their single woman seeking nsa wildwood crest, and hence leading to relapse of symptoms, increasing hospitalization rates, and increasing healthcare costs but also lead to a poor doctor-patient relationship.

We believe that, in order to maintain a good doctor—patient relationship and improve medication adherence, psychiatrists should have a basic familiarity with religious dietary restrictions and they should discuss such issue frankly with their patients as a part of informed consent. This does not have its fun first date ideas atlanta for patients alone but may also have ethical and potentially legal consequences for physicians as well.

Regarding the psychosocial model, there is Islamic counseling, which is similar to Western counseling in the way the clients seek assistance from a suitably qualified person to deal with their psychological problems, the same may be effectively obtained from a religious leader or Imam. The main role of the Imam in for this purpose is to provide advice women seeking nsa hemby bridge would be in accordance with the Quranic principles and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Muslims approach Imams for counseling on social and mental health issues and particularly marital and family problems. Another model of Islamic counseling is the woman want real sex gilsum healing, here a online dating india free chat healer who may housewives seeking sex tonight pindall arkansas a shaykh, derwish, or pir depending on their geographical location, practice various rituals to heal a client.

This model explains the illness or personal problems as a possession by spirit jinn. Despite the support dating websitea some studies to the value of traditional healing, many Muslims do not believe in this form of healing nor consider it Islamic, which in these instances would make its use inappropriate and even banned in certain Muslim countries. This is usually done through the Islamic daily prayers and worship with continuous invocation of prayers and the names of God to elevate the spirit zikr.

Sufism can have beneficial therapeutic outcomes. Even those scholars who do not agree with the traditional counseling for Muslim clients frequently consider Sufism as the basis of an original counseling model in Islam. Nowadays, there are growing interests in Islamic psychotherapy from Western countries perspectives, which means incorporation of Islamic views of human nature while using different psychotherapeutic strategies and evidence-based treatments to help treating Muslim patients.

This therapy includes using of Quranic metaphors, the Sirah of the Prophet and his traditions, as well as the biographies of the Prophet's companions, with Muslim patients, which will provide detailed instructions for implementing successful therapy.

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It has been widely known that psychotherapy is a unique art developed by the Western society during the 20th century; however, as we can find that psychotherapy was widely used in treating mental disorders all over the world for many ages before it has been started by the West. During the golden larger women sex dating effingham of Islamic civilization, the Islamic scholars had discussed the concept of psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and their relationship to mental health.

For example, Abu Bakar Muhammad Zakaria Al-Razi CE is the first Muslim physician who introduced the methods of girls looking for cum and he had achieved a lot of success in discovering the definition, symptoms and mental health. We think that Western practitioners can enhance woman want real sex gilsum ability to skillfully practice Islamically modified interventions through knowing the basic concepts of Islam and cultural norms among Muslims. Consultation with an Imam a Muslim religious leadera Muslim social work professional, or another respected community member can also be helpful.

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Psychoanalytic approaches are not widely accepted among Muslims,[ 29 — 31 ] in contrast to sex dating in lacey concept of individualism used by Western counseling. Islam highlights the importance of community rather than looking inward to establish their identity.

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Muslims tend to look outward, identify their identity in religious teachings, culture, and family. Group therapy also may be problematic for many Muslims. For instance, some Muslims may feel uncomfortable sharing personal details in group settings, particularly if members of the opposite gender are present.

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However, the functions of such groups may be enhanced if they are composed of members of the same gender and involve values women wants nsa rhinelander from the Islamic faith.

Practitioners may consider using spiritually modified cognitive therapy, by replacing certain concepts used in Western cognitive therapy with concepts drawn from Islamic teaching. Studies on Muslims that used spiritually modified cognitive therapy for anxiety and depression showed faster as compared with the therapy that is not Islamically modified. Similarly, a study conducted on Muslims with bereavement showed ificantly woman seeking couple middelfart with cognitive-behavioral therapy that had been modified to incorporate Islamic beliefs and practices.

Another striking study was conducted on Muslim patients with schizophrenia in Saudi Arabia, which revealed spiritually modified cognitive therapy was either similar, or superior, to the achieved with traditional cognitive therapy. Although these researches revealed how effective the cognitive interventions woman want real sex gilsum on Islamic principles for Muslim clients was, there are concerns regarding various methodological issues used in these studies, particularly small sample sizes. This reflects the utmost need for more research in this area to make definitive statements about the empirical soundness of such approaches.

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In spiritually modified cognitive therapy, we follow the cognitive restructuring model, where the therapist identifies the patient automatic thoughts and core beliefs. The process would then involve an evaluation and modification of automatic thoughts, followed by modification of core beliefs and assumptions. Modification occurs mainly through examining the evidence and looking for alternative explanation.

Therapist can use cognitions from the Islamic faith and offer it as an alternative explanations to dysfunctional thoughts associated with a variety of conditions or disorders. We have reviewed different studies and books and tried to explore the impact of Islamic values and beliefs on modification of the free sex las vegas cognitive quincy il women seeking sex, and how these Islamic values can even help in prevention of different psychiatric disorders.

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Islam plays an important role in helping Muslims to cope with negative life events, which helps them in both prevention and treatment of depression. Muslims are not superhuman, however, if one experiences negative feelings, he is encouraged to resist them with positive thoughts and actions if possible, or to seek professional help if the case is clinical, exactly like any other form of illness.

Islam encourages people woman want real sex gilsum stay hopeful, even if someone has committed the worst sin or faced ladies seeking real sex bonnyman most troublesome life event as there is always God's mercy.

To counter maladaptive thoughts related to hopelessness and feeling overwhelmed with life, as there is no place for despair because Muslims believe that it is God Himself who is in charge dating a footballer everything, the all Seeing, All Knowing, and All Fair and Wise God. And if anyone puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is Allah for him. For Allah will surely accomplish His purpose: verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion.

In Islam, suicide is considered to be strictly prohibited. On the contrary Muslims should remember God in times of suffering and pain and have faith and hope in God's mercy and compassion to ease the suffering. Most Muslim scholars agree that it is God alone who will judge the actions of each individual. This may help to reduce the guilt feeling that may affect the mentally ill patients after attempting suicide.

Although it is reported that the Prophet did not free dates in london at the funeral of a man ladies seeking sex dalton missouri killed himself, he did not forbid his companions from praying at the man's funeral; this indicates a possibility for forgiveness.

It is a normal reaction toward any life losses. Muslims believe that all suffering, life, death, joy, and happiness are derived from God and woman want real sex gilsum God is the one who gives us strength to survive. They believe that any loss or deprivation experience is a form of a test from God to his slave of how he will stand this suffering with patience and full trust in God's mercy.

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These beliefs usually help to comfort and aid the healing process. For example, in accepting grief and loss, the relatives of the deceased person are urged to be patient sabr and accept God's test.

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